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As Andrew was born in a time when cameras still used film and you had to focus the lens yourself, he originally thought a hashtag was a slang term for an illicit substance. He grew up in a world without mobile devices and prefers to put his latest news in the Newsletter. He occasionally attempts to fathom out Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Now and then, by pure chance, he manages to post something. If you would like to view his (rare) postings please click on any of the social media links below: 

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Andrew's YouTube Channel usually focusses around wildlife – check out the video for an example. It features a rehabilitated fox that is unable to return to the wild. This short film by Andrew has had nearly 2 million views.

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Andrew's blog is over on the Goodreads website. Here you'll find some behind the scenes news on the books and the occasional random musing on the subjects they contain. Click on the Goodreads photo above to view the blog. 

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