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Take three of Britain's top wildlife photographers, any type of weather and some magnificent wild subjects ... welcome to

Go Wild with your Camera!

With over 2 1/2 hours of exclusive material on two discs this is the most comprehensive guide to wildlife photography ever released on DVD.

Presented by three of Britain's top wildlife photographers – Peter Cairns, Chris Gomersall and Mark Hamblin – expert and detailed advice is provided through a series of subject case studies filmed in the wild specifically for this DVD. Andrew Langley brings the techniques back home to show you how they can be applied in your own back garden.

So if you want to take stunning wildlife images either out in the wild or on your own doorstep this DVD is for you!

"Go Wild With Your Camera is a well-filmed, very watchable series of programmes ­ ideal for wildlife photographers just starting out, but with enough variety of subjects, techniques and tips to make them worth watching by serious amateurs."
Rosamund Kidman Cox
Former editor of BBC Wildlife Magazine

Wildlife Photography Masterclass DVD cover

Join two of Britain's top wildlife photographers for your own personal introduction to wildlife photography.

Award winning professional wildlife photographers and authors David Tipling and Chris Gomersall present expert and detailed advice to get you started in wildlife photography.

In a clear and understandable way you'll learn all about choosing and using equipment, correct exposure techniques and how to process your images on a computer.

So if you've ever wanted to learn the secrets behind the stunning wildlife images you see in magazines and books then this DVD is for you!

Read what people are saying about the Masterclass release:

"A great launching point for any budding wildlife photographer."

Jeff Meyer, Amateur Photographer Magazine

Two Disc DVD Set

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What's on the Go Wild with your Camera DVD?

Tools of the Trade - understanding and choosing the right equipment for you


Mammals - join the photographers on location as they track down red deer, red squirrel, badger and brown hare.


Birds - practical tips and tricks on how to create beautiful bird images including puffin, garden birds, woodpecker, red grouse, swallow, nightingale and barn owl.


Amphibians - explore the secrets of creative portraits


Insects - enter the fascinating world of close-up showcasing how to take stunning images of butterflies and dragonflies


Landscapes - uncover the key techniques to capturing sweeping panoramas and cascading rivers.