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Books – The Whitby Trilogy

"Great ghost story with a slight Japanese twist. Yay for vengeance!" 

Invested Ivana for OneBookTwo Reviews

Mirror on the Soul paperback book cover

Meet Nathen Turner — a normal man with an extraordinary gift. He just doesn't know it yet.

From Las Vegas to Whitby, psychic medium Nathen Turner offers comfort and closure to his loyal clientele. But it is all an act — Turner doesn't believe in the spirit world or any form of afterlife. He fakes his ’special abilities’ using a bagful of conjuring tricks and intuition. Then, during a sham seance, a ghostly voice calls out to him. The ’fake’ psychic medium has unwittingly opened a very real door into the supernatural. A door that has humorous, and frightening consequences.

Set in Las Vegas, Whitby and Japan, Mirror on the Soul is the first novel in the Whitby Trilogy. A fast-paced thriller steeped in supernatural lore, it explores the techniques used by fake psychic mediums.


PAPERBACK: ISBN 978-09554137-1-1

HARDBACK (LARGE PRINT): ISBN 978-0-9554137-3-5

EBOOK: ISBN 978-0-9554137-4-2

Dark Nights of the Soul paperback book cover

The remote Scottish Highlands hold a deadly secret in this gripping supernatural chiller.

When the onset of multiple sclerosis blinds photographer Mike Fletcher, his world is torn apart. Losing everything he holds dear, he heads to the Scottish wilderness to take stock and re-assess his life. But the wild has other plans in store for him.

On Fletcher's first night, a freak lightning storm unearths a bizarre symbol in the building next to his croft. The symbol appears to be painted in blood, and the blood is still wet. After a local fisherman tells him the property is on a site renowned for witchcraft, Fletcher becomes uneasy, thinking his self-imposed isolation was not such a great idea. Calling on the help of an expert in the supernatural, Nathen Turner, the photographer tries to put his growing feelings of fear to rest. But, when Turner arrives at the croft, he finds Fletcher missing – simply vanished into the night. Sensing an ancient evil is at work, Turner believes some horror has been let loose on the moor. Now it is a race against time – solve the mystery or face the deadly consequences.

Set in Whitby and the Scottish Highlands, Dark Nights of the Soul is an entertaining look at life and superstition in our remotest areas. It is the second book in the Whitby Trilogy.

"Enjoyably scary." 

The BookLife Prize in Fiction


PAPERBACK: ISBN 978-09554137-5-9

HARDBACK: ISBN 978-0-9554137-8-0

EBOOK: ISBN 978-0-9554137-6-6

Silence of the Soul paperback book cover

PAPERBACK: ISBN 978-09554137-9-7

Sun, sea, sand and a serial killer.

A serial killer is stalking the streets of Whitby, hunting down the friends and family of psychic medium Nathen Turner. The psychic is a man running from his past as a supernatural swindler – a past that’s no longer haunting him, but trying to kill him.

Set in England’s beautiful East Coast and Las Vegas, Silence of the Soul is the third novel in the critically acclaimed Whitby Trilogy. Filled with supernatural suspense, it delves deep into the heart of psychic fraud – both its methods and its human consequences.

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